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Why me?
  1. Ethics

    My international background instilled within me a strong Western work ethics. I studied and lived in the West for 5 years. My husband is a Belgian engineer managing Barco's China operations. My brother studied in the US and started his own web business in Silicon Valley. My parents live mostly in the US. Working with international clients is natural to me. You will find me entrepreneurial and personal. Call my number and you will be talking to me, not some sales people. You work with me, not managers below me. I like the straightforward American way of doing business. I hate being dishonest.

  2. Experience

    Interpreting and translation work are half linguistics half business. The linguistic side requires talent and training; the business side requires management experience.

    Many of my interpreting clients are companies or business owners coming to China for business development and sourcing. They travel to China to find products, customers, suppliers and partners. They need a business-savvy interpreter to help them negotiate, contract, follow up, resolve issues, payments, disputes, legal complications ... I have been there, done that, through the whole cycle, many times. Check my testimonials to hear my clients' China experience and why they value my service.

    Translation also requires management. A diligent professional translator can output 3 to 5 pages of a Chinese book in a 8-hour day. Most translation projects are done by a group of translators working together. Without good management, you could end up with a mixed bag of the good translators, the bad translators, and the ugly translators who use software to cheat. Also, some know the domain/terminologies, some don't; some translate in one style, some in another; some fast, some slow ... The end result is an inconsistent translation that is bound to be painful to read. But this is just one of the many pitalls of working with China's translation companies and free-lancers. To assure quality, you need someone like me to manage the work.

  3. Long term

    Most of my clients tried 4 or 5 service providers before they found me and stick with me. Check my references, they will tell you how important it is to find a person that has quality, experience and ethics, a person that they can trust and rely on year after year.

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